A puppy born without front legs is the cutest wheelchair dog in the world.

This beagle puppy is on its way to us without any front legs. I’m still unsure about the flavor. I shall call him T. rex.

18th day: T-Rex! 18 days of age! Born with a cleft mandible and without front extremities. I am pleased to announce that he can now see his mother! Yay! She is performing so well! Such a beautiful angel!

Day 32: They are incredibly precious! Precious infants. I’m smitten. TRex looks incredible, he is doing so well. Thank you for everything you do for these lovely individuals.

T. rex was born on day 45 without front legs and with a cleft palate. There is a great deal of affection present, don’t you think? Please spread the word so your peers are aware that special-needs children can be saved and live fulfilling lives.

Day 80: This is the four-week-old poodle that arrived in the other day. Her front legs were born in a reversed position.