Little Puppy in Need of a Family Seems Content Now

On Easter Sunday, a tiny dog suffering from severe demdex was abandoned on the steps of a shop. Despite the fact that people were passing by and ignoring her,

we couldn’t stand leaving her alone. We gave her the name Aurora and brought her home, giving her food and water, which she enthusiastically absorbed.

We took Aurora to the et the next day for treatment. Dewrmin meditiin was provided to her. We kept her tetment going, seeing that she still had irritated sin in some areas. Aurora was given more ntibitic the next day.

Aurora continued to expand and evolve over time. After a few weeks, the ent recommended a dewrming ill, and we were told to keep an eye on her progress. Aurora had grown into a cheerful and lively puppy weighing around 10 kg.

We are overjoyed to announce that Aurora has found her forever home! We are thankful for the opportunity to assist her and wish her the best with her new family.

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