Little girl moves away from the comforts of the city to live in the woods with her huskies

Tucked away in the heart of the magnificent Finnish countryside is a strong young lady who made the decision to leave the bustle of the big city for

a life of almost complete isolation with her pack of 85 loyal huskies. Unlike others, this remarkable person welcomes the challenge of enduring very cold temperatures—which sometimes drop as low as -45°C.

However, Tinja Myllykangas, who values her close relationship with nature more than material belongings, is this brave spirit.

Tinja lives in a world without electricity, where warmth comes from a dependable wood burner and candlelight is her only source of light.

This is a far cry from the comforts of contemporary living. Photographer Brice Portolano was allowed to live with Tinja for two weeks in order to capture the spirit of her extraordinary way of living.

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