A pupil uncovers a trash can and discovers a small family living inside.

Employees at a school in Minneapolis, Minnesota, contacted Minneapolis Animal Control last month to report a startling discovery: a litter of kittens had taken up residence in their receptacle.
The infants, who appeared to be around six weeks old, were discovered wet and malnourished.

Officers of Minneapolis Animal Control immediately removed the piglets from the trash can and returned them to the shelter. They knew the kittens would flourish in a loving home, so they contacted Ruff Start Rescue to locate a foster family.

They are adorable in more ways than one! Rough Start published on Facebook. These adorable treats were oily and reeked of egg rolls.

Ruff Start immediately placed the puppies in a foster home, where they received much-needed baths. Then, their new foster family lavished them with affectionate caresses.

“When my family first pulled those greasy, stinky kittens out of the transport kennel, it was love at first sight,” the kittens’ foster mother Jessi Veurink told The Dodo.

“During the first hour or so, they were very silent, reserved, and taking everything in. They willingly allowed us to bathe, reheat, and examine them thoroughly.

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