Good-hearted ladies gave a one-eyed blind cat who had health problems a lovely permanent home and continued assistance after rescuing and adopting her.

Brandy instantly felt bad for the one-year-old black and white cat named Angel after learning about him from her friend, a volunteer at Weathertown

Whiskers in Texas. Angel had been in the shelter for many months with little interest from adopters. At the rescue facility, she was hiding in the small box because she was so terrified and

overwhelmed. Remembering that the small cat only had one eye, she went on to tell me that, says Brandy, who, ever the neuro-optimist, demanded to see a photo of Angel right away. “I experienced love.”

But Brandy didn’t want to bring another pet into her home—she already had two senior cats. Even yet, she listened to her friend’s story about Angel’s weight falling below five pounds and how the

volunteers and staff at the shelter were really concerned about the one-eyed cat. Brandy recalls, “She then proceeded to tell me the little cat had only one eye,” and, ever the neuro-optimist, she demanded to see an image of Angel right away. “I experienced love.”

The kind cat overcomes all obstacles with undying devotion and provides foster kittens with crucial support and care!

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