Meet Schnelly, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s lovable pet pig.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, known for playing tough guys in films like The Terminator and Predator, secretly has a soft spot for animals.

Schwarzenegger has a menagerie of bizarre animals. …and just lately he showed the world his new pet pig.

He shared a photo of himself on Instagram with his dog Cherry and his new pet pig Schnelly.

Schwarzenegger congratulated his wife and children on their upcoming addition.

In an interview with FOX 11 News, Schwarzenegger The problem is that the word “schnell,” which means “fast” in German, is where the pig gets its name.

After Arnie and his wife brought their new son home, the youngster “ran out of the house, ran all over the property, and we couldn’t catch [him],” Arnie said. His sweetheart recommended they call him “Schnelly.”

Thankfully, the pig no longer escapes, Schwarzenegger said; “He’s fantastic.”

As a consequence of George Clooney’s example with his pet pig Max from Batman & Robin, Arnold Schwarzenegger once had a pig he dubbed “Bacon.”

“I always liked that he was into pigs; he has this little pig that he takes everywhere,” Schwarzenegger said of Columbus in 2014. After that, I went out and got a pig. But I must have gotten the incorrect one because it quickly ballooned to 300 pounds, and now I can hardly lift the son of a gun.

(That’s saying a lot, given Schwarzenegger’s history as a bodybuilder.)

In addition to his pigs, Arnold Schwarzenegger also keeps a donkey called Lulu, a tiny horse named Whisky, and three dogs named Dutch, Schnitzel, and Cherry as pets.

Schwarzenegger’s videos of his period in confinement during the epidemic with his animal friends became viral once they were published.

Mr. Schwarzenegger has taken several roles during his career, from bodybuilding champion to Hollywood superstar to Governor of California, but at age 75, he finds the most joy in tending to his dogs.

“My life is nicely balanced between work and play…” He said, “There are so many interesting dynamics at play every morning when we feed the animals.

This piglet is really adorable! Arnold Schwarzenegger clearly has a soft spot for animals.

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