Meg Ryan makes her first public appearance after six months, and viewers are shocked by her ‘unrecognisable’ transformation.

Meg Ryan, known as the “girl next door,” rose to prominence in the 1980s and 1990s. She earned a household name after landing parts in films that are still remembered fondly decades after their initial release, such as Sleepless in Seattle.

Ryan, being 61 years old, prefers to keep out of the limelight these days. She hasn’t been seen in public for six months until she showed up for a screening of her pal Michael J. Fox’s next film, STILL: A Michael J. Fox Movie.

The two pals smiled broadly as they posed for the camera. It was clear that they had a wonderful time together, but several others remarked that Ryan seemed ‘unrecognisable.’

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Fans have claimed that the You’ve Got Mail actress has had plastic surgery to make herself seem younger, despite the fact that she has previously addressed the topic of cosmetic operations and said that she has not done any.

Some of the comments made about Ryan’s appearance on the internet were not very kind.
“This is Meg Ryan,” one Twitter user said. The lesson here, I hope, will not be lost on women. Only Frankenstein would consider plastic surgery.

“Meg Ryan spent thousands to make herself unrecognisable and hideous,” another person chimed in.

What the heck did Meg Ryan do to her face? another author contributed to the paper.

Someone said, “Yikes…”Please, women, don’t have Botox or fillers. Listen to Madonna and Meg Ryan instead of me.

Ryan has previously said that the negative feedback she receives does not bother her. I don’t pay much attention,” she said to Porter Magazine in 2015. “Today, there is a great deal of animosity in the globe. Judgement is so simple to make. How incredibly moronic it would be to be a hater.

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Michael J. Fox’s next show premiered at Lincoln Centre, New York’s Alice Tully Hall. Among the celebrities Ryan got to meet and photograph with were Billy Murray and Elvis Costello, and she seemed to be in excellent spirits.

YET: A The actor of “Back to the Future” discusses his struggles with Parkinson’s disease in a new film.

He went public with his illness in 1998, and then, when his health worsened, he only partially resumed his acting career in 2000. Young Michael struggled for a long time to accept the fact, but he eventually resolved to make the most of his life despite the difficulties the condition imposed on him.

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“Parkinson’s is terrible, but you’ve given me a great life, so thank you,” the actor remarked. A sort of abuse that does no harm is pity. I could wallow in self-pity if I had the time, but alas, I do not. Let’s take what we can from this, and then move on,” he said.

“Parkinson’s disease is not fatal. Parkinson’s disease is fatal. My thoughts have been on its certain demise. I won’t live to be eighty. I won’t live to reach 80.

How do you feel about Meg Ryan’s current look?

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