Tri-pawed A lonely kitten is comforted by the loving hands of a woman and begins to dream of a new life with her.

She was laying in a cage with her legs cast when I went to check on her. When I was about to go, she reached out with her small front paw as if she didn’t want me to go, “Ahsen remarked

They informed me the kitten would not be going back to the shelter after treatment and would require a new home.

After seeing the cat that day, Ahsen couldn’t get the kitten out of his mind. She has a houseful of rescued cats, some of whom have medical requirements.

It was impossible for Ahsen to stop thinking about her. That’s why I went back to visit her again. Ahsen plans to adopt her if she’s still there, and she’ll have the greatest life possible.

After being with Ahsen for a few days, the kitten becomes fully human. Initially, she pressed her face into Ahsen’s palm and let out a ferocious roar. “We named her Ekim, which means October in Turkish,” Ahsen said of the baby.

She patiently sits at the window, paws pushed on the glass, pleading with anybody who would listen to give her a good home.

A Ray of Hope: This Pitiful, Luckless Kitten’s Life Transforms When He Arrives at the Doorstep of a Sympathetic Man