Rescued stray cat returns with six more “mini panthers”

This outdoor-living stray cat has been brought inside for warmth. Thankfully, someone kind and caring rushed to her aid just in the nick of time. Well, what do you know? She was planning a major reveal.

She was rescued at the last possible moment. When the weather started to become cold… What would have occurred if she had been abandoned is anyone’s guess.

This allowed her to have a healthy delivery of six puppies. There are six “little panthers”…

The cat’s tummy started to expand shortly after she was rescued. She was about to give birth to her first child after discovering she was expecting. Belle was a nickname given to her by her many admirers.
Facebook postSadly, Belle’s previous owner had to relocate and leave her behind. A statement from LAPS Foster Kittens reads

A blind raccoon found two abandoned kittens and brought them to a human friend he had made.

Microchips allowed a missing cat to be located 7 years and 1,500 miles later.