Inspiring Paige: Eight-Year-Old Gymnastics Star Beats the Odds, Competes While Missing Both Legs

, etc., yet they found a million exceptions, in particular city bureaucracy, etc.? But young Ohioan Paige proves that nothing is impossible if one really wants it.

The child had both of her legs amputated at birth. She never allowed herself to feel disheartened as a result,

but rather worked tirelessly to prove to everyone around her that she was just like everyone else. Paige became completely enamored with gymnastics after seeing a competition on television.

Her parents said yes when she begged them to enroll her in gymnastics. The youngster was so motivated after her first workout that she couldn’t imagine her life without gymnastics.

By the time she was eight years old, she had amassed such impressive results that she had been chosen to compete for the Ohio gymnastics team.

Paige has a strong interest in archery and cheerleading in addition to her other interests. Even though she’s only a kid, she’s excited to take part in the Paralympics.

Observe the survival journey of a malformed infant and the unwavering love of his father.

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