In the midst of giving birth, a distraught mother dog finds the remains of her missing pups.

A distraught mom is shown in a disturbing video crying as she digs graves for her dead puppies. The tragedy occurred when sick puppies were born in the Chinese city of Szh, Anhi Province.

The owner, Mr. Qin, says that his two puppies both died in the mother hen season and that their bodies were picked over “five or six times.”

The first clip shows the dog holding a dead puppy in her teeth as her owner cuddles her and eventually tries to remove the body.

The mother is shown in the second video licking the bodies of two puppies who were buried in a shallow grave. She seems to have dug up the soil in order to do so.

The dog, who seems sad and weeping, responds to her owner’s loving touches. The dog is shown strolling down a road with one of the deceased puppies in her mouth in the third video. Mr. Qin pulls the poppy out of the ground at the video’s conclusion and cradles its lifeless corpse in his hand.

The fate of the other puppies in the delivery remains unknown. (Caution: The following video contains graphic visuals that some viewers may find upsetting.)

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