The joy of a mother who has just given birth to quintuplets!

Mrs. Tcci, age 26, gave birth to quadruplets on Thursday and has since posted her first update, stating, “The babies and I are both doing well.”

The mother of quintuplets joyfully announced the names Keith, Ali, Penelope, Tiffany, and Beatrice for her “five beautiful babies.” Down below is a video

Perth mother Kim Tcci, 26, (pictured), gave birth to her quadruplets in just two minutes at King Edward Hospital. Memorial Cemetery The new aies join Mr. and Mrs.

Mrs. Tcci revealed in a previous blog post that she and her husband Vaghn had been trying for a son to join their two daughters when they were surprised to discover she was pregnant with quadruplets.

The mother of eight announced on her blog, Srprised by Fie, that she had given birth to “five eatifl aies, born on January 28th and just shy of 30 weeks” at King Edward Memorial opts. She stated that giving birth to the quadruplets only took two minutes.

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