Mother and child complete nursing school together.

Graduation is an exciting milestone for everyone who has finished their formal schooling.

Family and friends gather to toast someone’s success. But the happiness of this mother and daughter duo was amplified by their joint success.

A woman and her daughter both completed the nursing programme at East Carolina University. The organisation said this was the first occurrence of its kind.

“At first they thought we were sisters, and then I would have to explain that I was the mom, and we were doing it together,” Jessica Van Wagenen said.

Van Wagenen, a retired marine, said she put her dreams on hold to focus on her kids. Fortunately, she has just resumed her pursuit of these objectives, and her daughter has done the same.

Because “we were always picking up, moving, and with their dad kind of in and out all the time,” the mother reflected, “I always thought the girls needed some sort of stability.” So, I dropped out of school to provide as much security as I could for my kids by staying at home with them.

Keelin Van Wagenen, her daughter, gushed about how proud she was of her mom for sticking to her goals.

The daughter remarked, “I tell her every day that I’m proud of her and she continued to do what she wanted to do.”

Both ladies are well into their professional lives. Jessica is an OR nurse at Carteret Healthcare, and her daughter Keelin is a paediatric RN at East Carolina University Health.

These two ladies agree that their time spent together in nursing school will always be one of the highlights of their lives. It’s quite interesting. It’s great that we can experience it together. Jessica said with joy, “That’s something we can share forever.

What a refreshing sensation. Keelin boasted, “I went to school with my mum, whereas other folks went with their siblings and some went with their significant others.

It’s inspiring to see a mother and daughter join together to achieve their goals. Join us as we help people break into the workforce.

What a lovely story that reminds us to keep trying till we succeed. Share this feel-good tale with the world and bring joy to the lives of those around you.

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