experiencing the overwhelming joy that a mother feels upon first seeing her infant ​

Every birth is unique and remarkable in its own right. However, it’s much more dramatic when a baby is delivered “en-caul,”

which means that the amniotic sac stays intact after delivery, giving the impression that the child is within a bubble.

This amazing situation, it seems, happens in “fewer than 1 in 80,000 births.” Babies who are fortunate enough to be born with their caul covered with hair are considered fortunate and to have a particular love for water.

A baby born en caul is snuggled securely within the amniotic sac during birth. It’s amazing to see how fully enclosed they are, still existing as if they were in their mother’s uterus.

During labor and delivery, the infant is more protected from contractions and the birth process is easier when they are snuggled inside the birth sac.

Respect a baby’s extraordinary vigor when it comes to the emergence of an abnormal skin condition.

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