Dog became the surrogate mother of 74 piglets from the animal shelter, and she has no intention of stopping.

Years ago, when Moon was already an adult, Kate decided to adopt the three-legged kitten Phoenix. When Moon met Phoenix, he was ecstatic, as if he had found a long-lost sister. Phoenix was recovering from surgery to amputate her paw, and Moon was constantly by her side, protecting her.

Many of the kittens that came to Kate were orphans and very young, so it was important for them to always have something soft to sleep on. moon took them under his wing, almost like Phoenix. He slept next to them to keep them warm and always kept his ears open.

If one of the kittens ran further than necessary, he pricks up his ears and runs to look for them. When he finds them, he lays down next to them as if he were their foster father.

and toasty at their mother’s side, the majority of kittens brought to Kate come from people who discover them abandoned on the street and bring them to the Veterinary Clinic because they are unaware of shelters where they can be placed. Kate takes care of the kittens and finds them homes.

In addition to anemia and parasites, dog Moon stayed by the kitten’s side until he was able to walk on his own. To date, Moon has helped 74 kittens survive, and nearly all of them have found new homes.


The family adopts a helpless cat. And he continues to ambush attack everyone.

The rehabilitated feline enjoys sleeping with the dog. The dog will become a cat’s mother.Adorable kitten.