Mother posts footage of her newborn daughter online, but some viewers are offended by one particular aspect of the clip.

Until they reach a particular age, children’s best interests are served by deferring to their parents’ judgement. But the reality is that society and the people around you won’t always agree that your choices are the best option.

These days, parents are eager to share videos and images of their children online, and some even create social media profiles for their kids to keep their followers up-to-date on their antics.

Lara, who is just four months old, has become an overnight sensation on the video-sharing app TikTok.

Her mother posts several adorable images and videos of her daughter Lara. Recent photos meant to highlight how much Lara has changed from the beginning have instead sparked heated debate and condemnation.

When Lara’s mother shared a picture of her newborn daughter, many were intrigued by a particular feature. Even though she was only 24 hours old, her little ears were pierced, which angered and worried many people.

other defended Lara’s mother, saying that the practise is common in other cultures, while others claimed it was immoral to pierce a baby’s ears so soon after birth and that the mother should have waited until the kid was mature enough to make the choice for herself.

I simply don’t get it. It’s the same level of pain as when they’re much older. “Don’t kid yourself,” one individual emailed. If they want to have their ears pierced, that’s their business, right? Another participant emphasised, “I’m going to let my babies decide when they understand these things.”

After reading the responses, Lara’s mother felt compelled to talk about her choice to get her daughter’s ears pierced.

If you have your ears pierced when you’re two or three days old, the experience won’t hurt nearly as much as it would when you’re a year or two old. “The neonatologists make the holes right there in the hospital, right after the baby is born,” she said.

See the video that has everyone talking down below.

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