A friendly feline neighbor tapped on the door, hoping for assistance and a pleasant welcome.

She knows precisely when to tap on the door or open the window to gain entry to the residence. The endearing cat visits the property daily and waits patiently in the yard

if the door is closed; however, as soon as she sees someone inside the house, she rushes to the door or windows and meows gently until they let her in.

Mama’s neighbors, whom she sees on a daily basis, claim that the kitten appeared unexpectedly in the yard and that, upon spotting them, she ran enthusiastically pleading for attention, as if she had known them for years.

The neighbors were immediately swayed by the kitten’s kindness and opened their doors and offered her treats.

The rehabilitated feline enjoys sleeping with the dog. The dog will become a cat’s mother.Adorable kitten.

A feline with a crooked cranium overcame all obstacles and is now thriving in its ideal home, victorious in its voyage.