The community was profoundly moved by the military father’s surprise return to greet his newborn child.

First Lieutenant Jake Osborne was deployed to Afghanistan one month after learning his wife was pregnant. It was a heartbreaking moment for the expecting father when he realized he would be unable to care for his wife during her pregnancy.

Despite the uncertainty of his deployment, the soldier was informed that he may not be present at the birth. The subsequent nine months were filled with anticipation,

but on May 12, Osborne’s commander delivered the astonishing news that he was to return home. If granted liberty, he would be able to greet his newborn child in person.

Even though his daughter was born while he was flying home, his family made sure to capture the beautiful moment he met her for the first time at the Athens Regional Health System medical center.

The sweetest moments for mothers are when their newborns wail charmingly after birth.

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