Art or ‘BAD’ Mother? : Her Obsession with Tattooing Her One-Year-Old

Shamikia has received severe criticism for her peculiar “hoy.” Numerous individuals accuse her of being a bad mother who intends to raise a gangster.

“The majority of the remarks about me are, to put it mildly, awful. It is absurd. People insult me in various ways, which hurts my feelings because I am not a terrible mother. If they want to judge

someone based on a random 30-second video they saw on social media, that’s fine, but they should be aware that their opinion does not determine the essence or character of the person they are judging,

” Shamikia says in her interview She claims that she does not care if people criticize her because it is her decision and her lifestyle. According to the mother, her family has already accepted what she

is doing with her child. “Initially, my family disdained me. When I began adorning Traylin’s body with tattoos, they were stunned and distraught.

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