After a near-death encounter, Moo, the frail kitten, finds a strong foster mother who never gave up.

Moo was in bad condition when he was taken in as part of PDX Cat Trapper’s trap-neuter-return (TNR) program for feral cats at the age of six weeks.

He was unable to feed and was only the size of a kitten that was three weeks old. He was taken to Jessica Thompson, a veterinarian, by the trapper.

Despite having 22 foster cats, seven of her own pets, and her veterinary practice to handle, Thompson chose to keep Moo as an in-home foster until he healed

after realizing the condition of the cat (learn more about her experience here). She put him on an IV at home, gave him some fluids, tried to take care of him there, and kept an eye on him.

However, Moo began to collapse in the early hours of the next day, and Thompson made the decision to contact an emergency veterinary facility in order to get him higher-lel treatment.

Saving the Nomadic Feline Imprisoned for Years in a Tuna Can Lid.

The kind cat overcomes all obstacles with undying devotion and provides foster kittens with crucial support and care!