Surpassing stereotypes: accounts of extraordinary individuals.NhuY

She gave birth to a child with a nose that no one had ever seen. Everyone in this society found it strange, and they all believe she is a sorceress because such a thing has never occurred in this village. After seeing this infant, her husband promptly divorced her.

The physicians advised this woman to go to a superior facility in the city because her child required surgery that could not be performed in the village, but she was unable to make it there.

Um, after five months, people have become somewhat accustomed to this infant; they now refer to her as a monster, and so many children from this society continue to visit her that she no longer knows what to do.

Today, we will travel to another remote village in order to find this infant, which the locals refer to as a monster, so that a story can be told to the world and it can be determined whether or not

The Extraordinary Story of an 8-Year-Old Russian Girl with her Heart Outside her Chest and the Journey to Pursue her Dream.NhuY

Capturing Curiosity with a Child’s Mysterious Glance, No Words Required