Nobody wants a stray, three-legged puppy. Now He Is Living Like A King

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Enz has nderne 2 rerie on Day 3. He has been receiving pain alleviation for the past two days. We promise that we will le and take care of him for the rest of his life.

Day 7: Enz le t be ddled, he i till at eat fr nw, he will be allwed t leae the hpital in the following few days.

Day 15: r per weet bу has begun a new life. We want him to smile throughout the day. Day 79: Ww, Enz has haned a lt, de anуne renize thi beautiful bY…?

His sole flaw is that he is a Pitbull: a dog is shot and loses both of his right limbs.

Little Puppy in Need of a Family Seems Content Now