After being shot, the poor cat couldn’t get up, and now look at him!

I am usually horrified to hear of instances involving gunfire and accidents, but I find it even more unbelievable that a cat may be shot.

Who would be the kind of person to shoot a defenseless animal? Absolutely unacceptable! I can’t even begin to fathom how

I’d feel if one of my kitties had been hurt in such a way. I gave every one of them a slobbery kiss once I saw this, you better believe it!

What a sad sight: a lovely cat, laying helplessly on the ground, awaiting its dreadful death. That is, until this mysterious lady appeared and offered him a second chance. A lady pulled over when she observed a cat resting in the grass beside the road.

A battered cat lays down in despair. There he was, hurt, terrified, and in excruciating agony. Without a second’s hesitation, she gathered a blanket and a cat carrier to transport him to the emergency room.

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