After their snooze, the kittens yawn, and the cat is occupied with keeping them tidy.

Watching adorable kittens yawn as soon as they wake up in their mother’s arms is quite endearing. One cat yawns, and the others quickly follow.

After a sleep, kittens, like infants, like to lie down. Meanwhile, the cat is busy, needing to swiftly clean each kitten with her tongue.

Kittens recall they are hungry after morning routines and swiftly move towards their mother’s stomach. You won’t be left feeling neutral by this film; instead,

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It’s unbelievable to me that a cat in such terrible shape could become such a beautiful kitten. And now seems so content. Is it true that you’re amazing, Kellen, for rescuing this tiny angel? So beautiful ❤

“What a delicious paw!” The kitten’s activities while everyone is sleeping

After being rejected by her mother, Lamb is devastated, but the dog then offers to “adopt” her.