After being struck by a vehicle, the cat remained lifeless on the ground. When all hope seemed lost, a miracle occurred.

There are times when deeds are more commendable than cruelty. Just picture a wounded animal lying there, pleading with passers-by for aid. But everyone is in such a rush that they don’t even bother to pretend they don’t see the poor guy.

Such disregard was shown toward this kitty. Apparently, she ran into problems when she was struck by a vehicle.

The unfortunate creature was taken off the road and deposited in a flower bed near the front door. No one knows how long she lay there in pain, but nobody could have missed her loud, pleading meowing.

Nevertheless, in truth, she was quite fortunate, since she was left near the entrance, where Elena, a well-known animal rights activist in Kharkov, resides.

After leaving the home, the lady hastened to the pet. Elena scooped up the feline and hurried to the nearest animal hospital.

A blind and injured cat made its way frantically into the crowd.

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