After K9 Tommy was euthanized, law enforcement said their goodbyes.

K9 Tommy, a German Shepherd who had served the Ohio Department for seven years before dying of illness, was honored with a touching farewell ceremony.

Tommy, a loyal service dog for the Department of Natural Resources, was put to sleep by his handler,

Officer Jeremy Berger, after seven years of service. Tommy’s untreatable type of cancer left him in excruciating discomfort and unable to perform even the most basic canine functions. Jeremy made the painful choice to put an end to his loyal friend’s life.

Tommy’s years of dedicated service were recognized and appreciated by all Ohio police departments. Officers and their K9 partners gathered in front of the Blanchard Valley Veterinary Clinic to pay tribute to the slain officer.

Dog, rejected by his owners because of his blindness and deafness, now nurses every sick foster pet his human brings into the house.

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