A 10-day-old kitten transforms into a cooing bundle of joy as she adheres to the hands that saved her. /vol

“She was discovered on a Thursday night by herself. The finders waited for the mother cat, but she never returned,” Baby Kitten Rescue founder Caroline Grace told Love Meow.

They attempted to care for the newborn feline, but found themselves in over their minds. Clove’s condition deteriorated, necessitating rescue. Caroline took her in and promptly initiated a protocol for critical care to restore her health.

The minuscule furball was infected with fleas and had a large sore under her right armpit. “Clove was severely dehydrated and crying nonstop in pain from her stomach problems.”

Despite everything the kitten had endured, she powered through with antibiotics, fluid therapy, and supplements to replenish her and repair her intestines.

A compassionate cat took in a stray kitten, and the two became inseparable companions.

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