The Secret Revealed: Reflections from a Petite Mother of Six, Standing at 5’2″

Heather Carroll, who is only 5’2″ tall, exclaimed that the tiny aies – five girls and a boy – all ‘look beautiful’ with a mixture of elation and excitement.

Aie, Brooklyn, Chloe, Daid, Ellie, and Faith are the names she and her husband Mitchell have given to their six children, based on the letters physicians assigned to them while they were still in the womb.

She gave birth to the sextuplets by planned Caesarean section on Saturday morning, 28 weeks and one day into her pregnancy, following a month of strict bed rest – which included her 30th birthday.

They arrived within three minutes of each other, the oldest, Aie, at 8.05am and the youngest, Faith, at 8.08am, weighing between 1lb 10 oz and 2lb 5 oz.

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