Everyday, this cute tabby cat brings his owner a pair of slippers.

Our feline pals are a unique lot, and they have their own distinctive methods of displaying affection. While some return with “hunting trophies,” others fire up the dough mixer and go to work.

There are also others who are so intent on making a statement that they decide to take a nap directly on top of our heads.

But there’s one special cat that has a very unique and endearing method of showing her appreciation to Mom.

Meet Lulu, the wonderful tabby fluff who got her happy home a couple of years ago. Lulu has transformed from a sad, unkempt kitty to a furry bundle of happiness with the cutest manner of expressing “thank you.”

Lulu saw her mother put on her slippers every morning during her first few days at home. Then, a few months later, an extraordinary event took place.

The owner allows the cat free reign over their daily schedule.

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