Tulip, the “defective” cat, overcomes obstacles and shows that nothing can stop her from finding joy, touching the hearts of those who meet her.

Tulip, “the cutest T-Rex/kangaroo/bobblehead meerkat cat,” was honored by lifeguard Mel Lamprey on her first birthday. She has a “giant personality” and a disease that hinders her front legs, but she is a little angel anyway.

Lamprey has learned from experience that with proper care, even the smallest flower may flourish. They first thought the kitten had radial hypoplasia when they rescued it. Cats with this disorder may have undeveloped legs that limit their mobility.


Yet they manage to move regularly, even standing erect at times like kangaroos! Tulip is placed in a foster family.

Another kitten called Quill’s injured leg was successfully healed using a variety of methods documented in photos and the media. As a result, she got ready right away to repeat the process with this baby.

In contrast to radial hypoplasia, Tulip’s X-ray revealed that she had radial aplasia. She has no radius at all on either of her front legs.

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