“For All the Children: A Mother’s Unparalleled Bond with Her Offspring Even in the Lack of Arms”

Despite the challenges this poses, Dejana Backo has never let her lack of legs stop her from enjoying her life and finding creative ways to do everyday tasks.

Only four months have passed since the 28-year-old and her 24-year-old boyfriend, Marko Nezic, brought their baby daughter, Lara, into the world, and they are ecstatic.

Following her baby’s birth, Dejana has been sharing candid videos on TikTok (@marko_dejana) detailing the highs and lows of being a mother. Millions of people have seen her videos.

The artist admits, “It was not easy in the beginning.” I truly wanted to be able to pick up our kid by myself, but I was not able to.

With Lara four months old now, however, I find it easier to do things like move her out of bed and into chairs. She’s growing up fast, and her neck is stronger no

The armless girl who rose to popularity on Чoсіaɩ medicine is now an adult, stunningly attractive.

An Inspiring Story of a Legless Mother’s Parenting Journey