Barbara Higgins, aged 57, is the oldest woman to give birth in the state of New Hampshire.

An increasing number of women are delaying motherhood. Either for sentimental, romantic, or economic reasons, an increasing number of children are born when their mothers are pregnant. Many women are taking advantage of the opportunity to combine motherhood and s that assisted reproduction technologies provide.

In Spain, there is no age limit for tt ttts in women; however, the National Commission for Assisted Human Reproduction recommends that the “limit” be set at 50 years in order to prevent significant problems. And this is the case in private health care because… In Spain, ttts may only be administered to women under the age of 40 and men under the age of 50 in order to maintain secrecy.


Even so, it is common to see women over the age of 40 fulfilling their desire to become mothers. Cases such as Adriana, who gave birth at age 66, Christine Boama, who gave birth at age 50, and the most recent, Reecca, who gave birth at age 44, made headlines in the media.

Now, there is a phenomenon that is becoming increasingly prevalent: women over the age of 50. Today, we will examine the case of arara Higgins, an American teacher who became a mother at the age of 57.

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