Even though she’s a big girl now, Pittie still enjoys napping on Dad’s shoulder.

Some of the puppies from a litter are lucky enough to find permanent homes together, and they get to enjoy the benefits of having siblings as playmates and friends.

The two dogs, Norman and Annabelle, have been together since they were puppies, making them two of the luckiest creatures in the world.

Their tale started on that dreadful day of Friday the 13th. However, for Norman and Annabelle, it was the beginning of a charmed existence, born beneath what looked to be a fortunate star.

Their odyssey occurred in Maryland, when Bobby Keane and his wife, Danni, opened their hearts and home to a pregnant Pitbull girl only days away from giving birth. The pair felt obligated to give the mother and her brood of 12 pups a fighting chance.

To say that the Keane family’s lives were complicated by taking care of a litter of twelve gorgeous puppies and their mother would be an understatement.

A woman with a huge heart stops her car to rescue two puppies that had escaped from their box.

The dog’s owners wanted to put him to sleep due to his excessive barking, but the veterinarian refused.