The poor kitten was left bleeding and losing flesh on its leg after it became hooked in a piece of sticky tape, posing a fatal threat.

Seeing the rescued animals happy and safe is the most satisfying part of working in animal rescue. Many situations throughout the years have resulted in total life makeovers.

One such tale is Daisa, a cat that our rescue group helped around two years ago. Daisa had just been born a few days before. We discovered her, in terrible shape, abandoned in a garbage can.

Daisa’s face was forced down as she was firmly caught in a mouse sticky trap. She was having trouble breathing and was unable to resist. The poor cat’s lips was trapped so firmly that all she could do was make tiny moaning noises. When we found her, she was on the verge of death.

I quickly took Daisa out of the trash can and took care to take out the sticky trap off her. Daisa had ceased moving and had become weak at that point.

She was so weak that one of her legs was bloated and had lost all of its fur. Her fur was matted and sticky all over her body.

The video features a girl named Borÿ who had a little birthmark on her forehead that grew into a large birthmark.

The brave actions of a little girl shed light on the fight against time to rescue a poor abandoned cat with seriously wounded and swollen eyes.