On May 24, the autopsy report for Stephen “tWitch” Boss was made public. Here is what we found out.

On May 24th, the results of an autopsy were made public, and they showed that Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss had no traces of narcotics or alcohol in his system. No ‘further wounds, drugs, or other factors’ were found to have contributed to his death, as stated in the report. if you believe PEOPLE.

According to the postmortem results, Boss committed suicide by shooting himself in the head, confirming what many suspected. His death occurred a short time after he turned 40 and soon before his third wedding anniversary to Allison Holker Boss.

Allison informed police that her husband “has no history of suicide attempts or suicidal ideation,” “has no mental health problems,” and “does not have any financial issues or marital problems,” according to the report. Before he passed away, Stephen seemed to be acting normally.

Stephen ‘tWitch’ tWitch Boss and Allison Holker Boss Boss’s relationship began in 2010, culminated in a June 2013 engagement, and ended in a December 2013 wedding. After being married, Stephen adopted Allison’s daughter from a prior relationship, and then in 2016 and 2019, they had another boy and a daughter.

The circumstances leading up to Boss’s death on December 13, 2022, were uncovered during the inquiry into his death. Apparently, he took an Uber to the hotel, which was less than a mile from his residence, and then set his phone on “aeroplane mode” so that nobody could reach him.

When his wife saw that he hadn’t taken their automobile with him the following morning, she became concerned. She called the police when she couldn’t find him, but it wasn’t until 11:15 a.m. on December 13 that they found out he’d had a medical issue at the Oak Tree Inn.

The cleaning crew found his dead after he didn’t leave in time to check out. The motel workers subsequently verified that Stephen had arrived the day before with an overnight bag, and that he had not shown any symptoms of ‘distress’ or been ‘overly disturbed.’ There was not a single gunshot heard that evening.

An Appreciation Letter from Allison Holker Boss to Stephen “tWitch” Boss
After staying out of the limelight for approximately five months after the loss of her husband, Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss, Allison Holker Boss recently gave interviews to TODAY and PEOPLE on how she is coping without the ‘backbone’ of her family of five.

She said she is still’shocked’ by his death five months later and that no one saw it coming. She has not yet come to terms with his death, but she says she is trying to be brave for the sake of their three children, who are also grieving and in need of special care.

She described some of the difficult talks she had to have with her kids, who worry when their dad would come back from his deployment. Although her spouse is no longer physically present, she says she still has daily conversations with him as if he were there.

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