With just a tick-infested bone, the dog waits impatiently on the bench for its terrible end.

Undoubtedly, the lives of feral dogs are wretched; a great number of them spend their days hoping that their last moments of peace would come to an end after enduring immense suffering.

One of the pups in our main story is close to passing away, but thankfully someone saw his need and alerted the local rescue squad to come to his aid. Animal Aid Unlimited moves closer to the dog’s spot of relaxation.

The defenseless creature was a little mass of bones covered in ticks that was obviously in need of medical care.

The rescuers were astounded by the dog’s condition when they got there. When we see a creature begging for assistance, how can we remain neutral? A rescuer approached him and offered him a cookie.

With caution, the volunteers approached him and gave him some snacks to win his confidence and reassure him that he was in capable hands. The adorable little puppy didn’t flee; instead, she exuded relief at having someone at her side.

At her wedding, a bride’s critically sick dog is brought down the aisle.

Two cuddly dogs that had been left behind but were amazingly still alive were found.