One Mother’s Unforgettable Experience: Giving Birth in a Parking Lot

After starting employment, she worked for 39 weeks without being paid. On Valentine’s Day, she went on a stroll with her husband to get their vehicle, which was parked near her office, which was just a short walk from their house.

The next morning, Aÿοa woke up with mild discomfort. Because she could no longer stand the tiredness, she had previously taken medical

leave and received a certificate from the obstetrician who accompanied her. That day’s plan was to use the chance to organize her little room and the items she and her partner would carry to the hospital.

She spent the whole night in a lot of pain, becoming more and more agitated every time she felt her back aching as she went to sleep.

That’s when the patient, Maÿda Berto, inquired as to if she may take a test. After coming to my room, I was 7 cm dilated, so we decided to go to the hospital.

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