This feline can’t contain her mirth now that she’s found a family willing to support her and her one precious progeny.

Scarlet, a tortoiseshell cat, and her only offspring Scout, who was only a few days old, were brought to the Seattle, Washington animal rescue facility operated by volunteers Ashley’s offspring Academy in early March.

Scarlet was apprehensive and afraid at first, but after meeting her new family, she became more tranquil and even murmured gently.

Scout benefited from her mother’s undivided attention and care; she showered him with affection and bathed him to keep him spotless.

“It is uncommon to see a mother with her infant. This little child is going to find himself in a lot of trouble. Scarlet required immediate medical attention There was a large suspicious protrusion on one side and a clotted stain on the other.”

Introducing Gary, the Fearless Feline Explorer, and His Adorable Adventures /vol

A kitten with an almost perfect appearance delights in finding a loving home.