An ailing senior dog was abandoned in a drunken owner’s backyard, where it remained chained and without access to water or food.

An aged, seriously sick dog was reported to be tied and without access to food or water on September 22. In all their years of animal rescue work, GWARP has never faced something quite like this.

The dog looks to have bone cancer but has never had treatment, has been chained up for a long time, and has been fed only rubbish and waste, which has led it to develop osteosarcoma, a kind of bone cancer.

The individual who made the complaint unfortunately saw the drunk owner viciously beating the dog. The vet said that extensive damage and the infection’s subsequent tumor formation are the usual causes of this kind of cancer.

He had it tied up in his yard for years. The greatest distance it could go was two feet because to the small length of the metal chain.

When the GWARP rescue team sought to save the kid, the owner said they couldn’t since the boy was “his property.” As a result, they sought assistance from the authorities.

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