Against all odds, the cat triumphed in a nightmare ordeal. It miraculously survived after being hit by an arrow.

This dramatic rescue story is nothing short of miraculous. An arrow from an unknown archer wounded the kitten’s lower back, but fortunately spared any important organs.

Despite the damage to the spine, the cat is still alive and exhibiting indications of strength. Emily, the cat, was discovered on

the streets with a huge arrow protruding from her body. Her tale soon went through the local media and was widely covered.

Several people called the veterinary office every day after that to inquire about Emily’s recuperation and well-being.

The doctors first gave a dismal prognosis, indicating that recovery from such a trauma would be difficult.

What happened a month later left us stunned, unable to fathom the amazing turn of events.

A small kitten with an abnormally huge nose stood by the roadside, hoping for a kind soul to come to their aid in their hour of need.