Heartbreaking scene of poor cats lying in each other’s arms to provide reassurance for each other; the cats require a lot of care because they lack a mother.

A tragic scene played out in a filthy alleyway. A huddle of poor cats tried to find warmth and comfort in each other’s arms.

They appeared little and feeble, their fur matted and filthy from living in poverty with no one to look after them.

These cats were abandoned by their mother when they were young and forced to fend for themselves.

They have suffered as a result of a lack of sufficient care and attention. They were frail and malnourished, surviving on whatever crumbs of food they could find.

Despite their horrible circumstances, something lovely emerged from the shadows. These miserable cats had developed a link with one another, sleeping in each other’s arms to provide protection and comfort.

The unfortunate cat was left on the side of the road, unmoving in the filthy water, looking pitiful.

We were heartbroken to discover these awful photographs of kittens abandoned in desolate places, anxiously begging for food and wandering recklessly.