Thousands ‘tear their hearts out’ over a woman’s video of a man and his companion viewing the sunset.

The balmy wind flowing through a Portuguese promenade where people enjoy nature and each other. People savoring the sunset with their loved ones while amorous music filled the air. Erika couldn’t resist falling in love… or weeping.

It was the “cutest f*cking thing” she had ever seen, according to her. And it was impossible not to pull at her heartstrings.

Erika, a delight and confidence coach for business owners, was in Portugal when she observed a man observing the sunset while cradling his pup.

Erika was moved to tears by the beauty of the affectionate moment she captured and shared on TikTok. Erika is seen blotting away the tears pouring down her face as the video begins.

She exclaims, “I can’t!” before reversing the video to reveal a man and what appears to be a Golden Retriever seated on a settee overlooking the shore. “Crying, crying, crying.”

A band playing Elvis Presley’s “I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You” can be heard in the background as the man and his dog gaze at the ocean waters. The camera then reveals the man holding his dog in his arm.

Together, he and his dog, whose tail is swaying joyfully, are observing the twilight Yahoo reports that Erika spoke with a pupil who identified the individual as her former music instructor.


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