A Boy’s Adventure: Overcoming Racism and Accepting His Wolf-Like Appearance

A heartbreaking story of discrimination and misogyny is told in a little community nestled in the heart of rural India.

The little child who is the main character in this novel has his innocence stolen by a label that his society has placed on him.

He is rejected not because of who he is or what he has done, but rather because of a random physical characteristic that makes him a “werewolf.”

A newborn kid with long black hair has become the newest member of a “werewolf family.” The unidentified child has thick black hair that will grow coarser as he ages covering his back, arms, and face.

Carrying the Marks of Love: A Profound Father Emblems His Wounds to Encourage His Son

“By marrying her, despite everyone’s mockery, he demonstrated to the world the true meaning of love and commitment.” In videos