A stray cat’s undying love and loyalty shines through as she bravely protects her cubs from the rain until help arrives.

Last week, a Jamestown, North Carolina local saw a stray cat hanging around on their yard. They asked around the area whether someone claimed her, but no one did.

The loving stray gave birth to a brood of kittens on a stormy Saturday morning. The cat mother tried to protect her babies by hiding them in safe places, but the bad weather and other threats still posed

A  threat despite her best efforts. The homeowner tried to get in touch with Sprinklé Cat Rescue.The Executive Director of Spunkle Cat Rescue, Stephanie Graham, wasted no time finding a new home for the kittens.

Volunteers were at capacity, but Sary Kelly, a foster child, was able to find another family willing to take in a child. After finding a good foster home, Sary went out to find the cat mom and her babies.

“We were worried about the incoming rain and storms,” Stephanie said to Love Meow. “At first, when she got to the house, they couldn’t find mom and kittens.”

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