Parents of multiracial twins express joy – They have another miraculous event seven years later.

Years ago, the birth of mixed twin daughters by Alison Spooner and Dean Durrant made international news. Alison has fair complexion, blue eyes, and ginger hair, whereas Dean, who is of West Indian descent, has dark features.

Both parents secretly hoped their kids would look like them, but they never dreamed that one daughter would be white like mom and the other would be black like dad.

Despite their dissimilar appearances, Laura and Hayleigh have many similarities. Most people don’t believe them when they claim they’re twins when they first meet them. There have been remarks made by random people throughout the years, but the girls have learned to ignore them and go on with their lives.

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Laura and Hayleigh were both informed they were going to be big sisters when they were around seven years old. Alison had conceived once more. The news of another baby in the family had everyone ecstatic, but the doctors had a surprise in store for them. Once again, Alison was due with twins.

She and Dean joked during her pregnancy that they may have another pair of mixed twins. Of course, the odds of such a miracle occurring looked astronomically low.

Alison’s twins were born through C-section at 37 weeks gestation because they were breech. The infant girls had difficulty breathing shortly after delivery and were sent to an intensive care unit. Fortunately, it wasn’t a major problem.

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The parents were taken aback when they were finally permitted to view their newborn babies. The younger sisters mirrored their elder sisters in being multiracial. Leah’s infant features and skin tone were more like her mother’s, while Miya’s were more like her father’s.

It should come as no surprise that this happy ending for the pair gained widespread attention and made headlines once again.

Laura and Hayleigh are now in their teenage years. When their younger sisters have difficulties due to their being multiracial, they are there to support and advise them.

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Wow, they really are a lovely bunch. All we can do is hope that life treats them well.

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