Patrick Warburton, star of “Family Guy,” would not clarify the show’s stance on sensitive topics.

Patrick Warburton has spoken out against the contentious nature of Family Guy’s humour, stating that people “take themselves too seriously.”

The 58-year-old actor is famous for playing Joe Swanson, a paraplegic police officer with a temper issue who works for the Quahog Police Department.

Despite having previously stated that he became paralysed after a faceoff with The Grinch, in which he slid off the roof and tripped on a roller skate, breaking his spine and leaving him paralysed from the waist down, one of his best moments was revealing that he lost the use of his legs after local criminal Bobby Briggs shot him while he was undercover at Briggs’ heroin lab.

If you ask any Family Guy viewer, they will tell you that Joe, despite being wheelchair-bound, is one of the show’s most resilient characters.

Many viewers find the animated adult comedy entertaining, while others have criticised it for being excessively extreme in its depiction of such topics as incest, bestiality, racism, and sexual assault.

Barbara Warburton, Patrick’s mother and a member of the Parents Television Council, does not find the series especially funny and has criticised it for “sending the wrong messages to children,” as reported by the Daily Mail.

However, Patrick subsequently said to Fox News that he no longer feels remorse for appearing on Family Guy since “this world is a horrible native satire.” Everyone is too self-important and has… deteriorated into a chaotic mess, in my opinion. Humour is essential, as are love and laughter and acceptance. All of this is really rather easy.

Patrick also discussed his mother’s religious background and his own religious upbringing throughout the conversation. “My family is extremely devout Catholic. My dad spent three months living as a monk.

However, in comparison to my father, my mother was the worst. My mother is quite religious because of her scrupulosity. About two years ago, while perusing, my wife discovered that I am, in fact, 12.4% Ashkenazi Jewish.

Patrick Warburton’s mom does not approve of his being on Family Guy. The Boston Herald/MediaNews Group/Nancy Lane/Getty

Apparently Mrs. Warburton prayed to God for her son to leave his employment on Family Guy, as reported by the Daily Mail.

The future of the programme is uncertain since creator Seth MacFarlane, who also voices Brian and Peter Gryphon, is reportedly participating in the ongoing writer’s strike, which is expected to last until the Writers Guild of America (WGA) secures a new agreement, as reported by NME.

The WGA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) went on strike on May 2 after discussions broke down. It’s unclear how MacFarlane’s participation in the strike will impact future episodes of Family Guy.

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