“What a delicious paw!” The kitten’s activities while everyone is sleeping

The little kittens may instantly fall asleep once their mother cat has fed them. Mama cat is free to eat and relax after the kittens have fallen asleep.

However, one kitten in particular never seems to be able to sleep. He moves about a lot in search of a more comfortable position. He then begins to groom his paws.

He then takes a few more strolls before lying down next to his siblings and drifting off to sleep when he is totally worn out. I was sleeping while everyone else was awake when

I was a youngster. 😊 It’s so adorable as he looks at Ginger and says, “I can’t sleep, mama,” while she nuzzles him with her lips ❤❤ br> this story happened in the Philippines when in

December a resident of Manila returning home after work noticed a small kitten near the abandoned pipes he was very dirty covered in wounds and so thin that he could barely stand on his feet the kitten called for help very loudly

Scrounging for food like a feral dog until the right people saw her

After their snooze, the kittens yawn, and the cat is occupied with keeping them tidy.