She patiently sits at the window, paws pushed on the glass, pleading with anybody who would listen to give her a good home.

After her owner passed away, she was abandoned to a shelter when she was 13 years old. Sienna was upset and confused by her unexpected situation, but that didn’t stop her from

looking for a new home, so she hurried up to the window whenever somebody passed by, as if to say, “Pick me.” She would stare at the window like way every day. “ρick me.”

This is where we introduced Sienna in our first ever blog post, titled “She Waits at the Window for Anyone to Take Her Home.”

Terri and Sienna had known one other for almost a year. Terri realized then that she needed to make Sienna a part of her family.

When Terri initially came to see Sienna, the staff at the shelter remembered her. She lashed her wings out in the wind that separated them and began her dance routine.

After saving a kitten from being used as bait, a police officer develops a deep bond with the furry friend.

Tri-pawed A lonely kitten is comforted by the loving hands of a woman and begins to dream of a new life with her.