Panda is a sociable cat with vitiligo markings that likes to surprise people with unexpected greetings.

Wait till you see this unusual cat to claim that you’ve seen it all. The Panda Is Here! Kitty, a cat with vitiligo markings that give him the look of resembling an inverted panda.

The cat is mostly black, with white accents on its muzzle, ears, and tail. This cat has vitiligo, a rare skin disorder, which causes its unusual coat coloring.

Picture of Panda the Cat standing next to a Car
Depigmentation, or the loss of natural skin color, is a symptom of this illness, as reported by PetMD.

The essential thing to remember is that vitiligo is painless and won’t hurt your cat even if it may cause hair to become white.

A mysterious black cat riding on a vehicle. This cat has a one-of-a-kind look, but his friendliness and enthusiasm for personal welcomes are just as remarkable.

When visitors pull up to the veterinary clinic where Panda Kitty stays in Romford, East London, UK, he goes straight up to their vehicles to say hello. As his followers put it:

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