Users on Twitter Are Astonished to Learn That the twins in a photo with their little mother are really her daughters

A new mother shared her experience with the negative feedback she got after posting an embarrassing video of herself holding

her twin daughters. 22-year-old Alexis LaRae went viral after posting a picture of her seven-month-old twins, which astounded onlookers with their size.

Before becoming pregnant, Alexis, a resident of Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighed 49 kg and was around 5 feet 3 inches tall. By week 38 of her pregnancy, Alexis’s weight had dropped to 82 kg.

Alexis’s twins, Camila and Eleÿa, were born in March weighing a comparatively small 6 lb 7 oz. At seven months old, they weigh an astounding

twenty-one pounds each. The birth weight of the infants has tripled in only seven months. The lovely infants had already tripled their birth weight to over 21 pounds apiece at the age of almost seven months.

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